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Message from the President

This is Tae Beomseok, 6th president of Hankyong National University. I would also like to introduce myself as one of the professors in the Department of Chemical Engineering. Being in this position for a period of time, I have encountered many ways for our school’s development. With all the concern, I believe we can achieve the best results for our school to evolve rapidly while I am in the position. Despite the fact that our school has capability of doing so, the growth rate of development has not been so swift. However, in a confident manner, we have now reached a stage to take the chance for a change. As the president of Hankyong National University, I would like to share three development ways as in the following. Firstly, in order for HKNU to be compatible with Korea’s top 30 prestigious universities, reinforcing the education would be necessary. Such as improving every department multilaterally suitable for our school, and also amplifying the abilities of each student and professor with a concrete provision in order to brace our capabilities. Secondly, we will strongly cultivate the infrastructure of financial affairs. We are striving to expand the need of becoming the center of research to raise the reputation of our school. Lastly, we will work towards on representing our school as the main university in this region, Gyeonggi-do. Hankyong National University not only has the title of being one of the superior universities in the geographical region Gyeonggi-do, it also has the advantage of being the “national” university. Altogether, it is our goal to become internal in this region and the best way to promote would be to broaden these concepts to people and we will do our best to meet these expectations. If you are constantly eager to stay diligent, there would be no such thing as adversity in your life. I keep this phrase on my mind because this does not only simply explain that you should constantly be busy, it tells us people who are hardworking are able to contrast between what’s important and with just being overly abrupt. And most importantly it is always a good idea to look ahead and provision your goal with a steady mind without being too rushed. In conclusion, I believe the precious time we spend at HKNU together will be a positive outlook to the future. I will always steadily put in as much effort to bring out the best result and become a better president to serve everyone’s desires. Thank you for visiting HKNU.
Tae Beomseok 
President, Hankyong National University