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School of Animal Life and Environment Science

Department of Animal Life and Environment Science

Recently, the animal life industry is expanding its scope into the various fields of wild animals,fish,and laboratory animals,and its also becoming a composite industry covering the production of clone animals and the development of biomass energy using by products. We are aiming at cultivating professional people for animal life engineering, food hygiene, and the international animal industry. We became Korea's first organization to acquire certification for enviromentally friendly agricultural products in 2005, and a venture company of the departmentm, Hankyoung Ham, even won a prize at the 'Frankfurt Meat and Meat Processing Exposition(IFFA)'


LocationJ402, Agriculture Building 2
Tel82-31-670-5090 / 5120
Fax82-31-670-5099 / 5129

Introduction to Curricula

In the first year, students will study subjects related with the major, such as the introduction to animal life and enviroment science and basic animal experimental practice, and from their second year, students can study the field of their preference by choosing from animal life and animal biosystems.

Beyond Graduation

Livestock related field officers, government-funded research and university researchers, animal industry and animal-related supplier, manufacturer of animal drugs, animal food and food-related companies, food-related laboratories, livestock consultants, employment in various fields of animal welfare, such as distribution you can.