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Department of Biotechnology

Department of Biotechnology

Biotechnology is the area of study that has the unlimited potential to resolve the food shortage issues and enviromental contamination issues that humanity is faced with,and also helps with the development of alternative energies. We have developed an academy-industry-research institue field practice system with biotechnology-related industries, and are making an effort to cultivate talented people for the world through training in enviromentally friendly technologies ion Asia, training in environmentally friendly development and surveys, dispatching volunteers for KOICA, and through on-site at the PCC center in the Philippines.

LocationJ409, Agriculture Building 2


Introduction to Curricula

Students will learn basic subjects including molecular biology, genetics, and microbiology, and also advanced topics such as the maximization of efficiency through genetic manipulation, the development of gene D/B, the preservation and use of gens, and useful proteins.

Beyond Graduation

We have various job opportunities, such as national institutes(National Insititute of Animal science; NIAS, Korea Institute for Animal Products Quality Evaluation; KAPE, Korea Livestock Products HACCP Accreditation Service; KOLPHAS) related to genetic engineering industry, bio venture companies, pharmaceutical companies, and biotechnology companies.