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University guidanceDepartment of Plant & Enviromental Science

Department of Plant & Enviromental Science

Department of Plant & Enviromental Science

We share basic biolgical and scientific knowlege to help understand plant growth and development and the principle of plant reproduction, and provide training centering on agricultural management practices such as production technologies for plant for food, medicine, and special purpose, the processing and distribution of products, and agricultural management analysis.

LocationI208, Agriculture Building I

Introduction to Curricula

Curricula covers the basic sciences and general chemical experiments such as biomathematics, introduction to biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, and biochemistry, laboratory chemical analysis capacity such as scaning probe microscope and electron microscope practice, and environment contamination process test methods, along with overseas field practice (30 students are currently dispatched to Asia, Central America, Africa, etc).

Beyond Gradution

Graduates can find employment as public officials at state-funded research institutes, domestic research institutes, companies, and international institutes.