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School of Architecture

School of Architecture

The School of Architecture applies today's advanced science and technology to the urban planning and archirecture fields. We have Korea's best structure laboratory and operate an international exchange program with leading universities in Asia. We are also focusing on developing the best experts in the environmentally friendly and space creation fields, through various efforts, including the development of environmentally friendly design techniques, the development of green materials and construction methods, and the study of environmentally friendly energy plans.

LocationS512, Engineering Building 3


Introduction to Curricula

The 4-year program covers structural engineering, construction engineering, and environmental engineering, and the 5-year program culivates creative skills based on the comprehensive understanding of Western, Eastern, and Korean costruction history

Beyond Graduation

Graduates are finding employment at architecture and design companies, construction companies, as constructionrelated public officials, at interior companies, research institutes, and at construction information and technology-related companies.