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Department of Design

The Department of Design aims to cultivate multi-task designers, who are capable of dealing with both traditional print and new digital media. To achieve the goal, academic curriculum in department of design covers communication design, digital contents design, and marketing training as an integrated manner. Communication design and digital contents major offer both traditional graphic design classes and digital media related classes. Moreover, department design also offers classes converges with various disciplines beyond design field such as department of electronic and control engineering, department of business administration, department of child & family welfare, and department of creative writing and literary arts in order to raise a flexible design thinkers suitable for the future society.

LocationS611, Engineering Building 3


Introduction to Curricula

Educational objective in department of design is to cultivate designers, equipped with both technology and sensitivity for fast changing society. Basic design classes are offered in 1st and 2nd grade. Advance classes are offered in 3rd and 4th grade as following. For communication design major, graphic design classes are taught such as typography, visual design, editorial/book design, and etc. For Digital Contents Design major, digital media related classes are taught such as Web design, UX/UI design, and film/animation.


Graduates in communication design major are currently working at a design studio, an advertising agency, a company's design planning team and promotional team, and private art institution as professional designers, design planners, design educators, and freelance designers. Graduates in digital contents design major are currently working at mobile contents company, computer game company, movie production, digital animation studio, multimedia studio, and manyother field related to creating digital contents and information.