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University guidanceDepartment of Civil, Safety & Environmental Engineering

Department of Safety Engineering

Department of Civil, Safety & Environmental Engineering

The Department of Civil Engineering, the Department of Safety Engineering, and the Department of Environmental Engineering were integrated into a single department for interdisciplinary exchage and convergence.Civil engineering plans, designs, and maintains social infrastructure facilities in a safer and more environmental friendly manner. Safety engineering produces safety experts who have engineering knowledge and practical safety management knowledge.Environmental engineering studies rhe natural ecosystem and envionmental policies and focuses on life enjoyment within the harmony between man and nature.

LocationS211, Engineering Building 3(Civil Engineering)
S320, Engineering Building 3(Safety Engineering)
O409, Engineering Building 2(Environmental Engineering)
Tel82-31-670-5140(Civil Engineering)
82-31-670-5280(Safety Engineering)
82-31-670-5170(Environmental Engineering)
Fax82-31-678-4674(Civil Engineering)
82-31-670-5289(Safety Engineering)
82-31-670-5179(Environmental Engineering) Engineering) Engineering) Engioneering)


Introduction to the Curricula

The civil engineering track deals with structure, soil quality, foundation, hydraulic engineering, and surveying. The safety track deals with industrial safety and construction safety. The environment track covers water quality, atmosphere, waste, environmental planning, and the natural ecosystem

Beyond Graduation

Graduates are finding employment at related public corporations and construction companies, as designers and supervisors, construction safety managers, industrial safety managers, and at environment-related research institutes.