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University guidanceDepartment of Electrical Electronic, and Control Engineering

Department of Electrical, Electronic and Control Engineering

Department of Electrical, Electronic and Control Engineering

The department of electrical, electronic and control engineering at HKNU aims to nurture professional manpower with outstanding skills in electrical engineering, electronic engineering and control engineering to contribute to the development of advanced technologies for the 21st Century. The department offers educational programs that involve hands-on training, the retraining of active workers, and academic-industry cooperation and research/development systems for specialized learning.

The department is dedicated to educating students in interdisciplinary scholarship that will serve for our future society. The goal of the education is to train students to be distinguished and specialized engineers in the future field of industry. The department has a curriculum covering various subjects in electrical, electronic and control engineering with specialization in THREE areas:
● Electrical Engineering Track
● Electronic Engineering Track
● Control Engineering Track

The department is carrying out various academic-industry collaborations and research projects funded by governmental and private institutions. In close cooperation with companies, students will acquire knowledge and abilities to adapt to the industry as well as to get chances for successful employment. In order to produce the best engineers in the electrical, electronic and control engineering fields, the department is making a constant effort to improve curriculum, increase the chance of employment, while actively guiding students.

LocationN222, Engineering Building1


Introduction to Curricula

- Basic Track

 1st year2nd year3rd year4th year
7 cultural subjects Writing, English, Engineering ethics, Engineering management, etc.

8 primary subjects Calculus, General physics & Lab1, Chemistry, Linear algebra, etc.

2 major subject Elementary design of engineering, Application to elementary design of engineering.
10 major subjects
Electromagnetics I, Electric Circuits I&II, Engineering Mathematics, Electric Circuits Design & Experiment II, etc.

3 major subjects Electronic circuits I, Electronic Circuits Design&Experiment I.

1 major subjects Capstone design I.

- Specialized Track

 2nd year3rd year4th year
Electrical Engineering Track3 major subjects Electrical and Electronics Mathematics, Electromagnetics II, Computer Architecture.10 major subjects Electromagnetics II, Electric Machinery I&II, Control Engineering, Microcontroller, Electric Materials, Electric Power Engineering I, Microcontroller System Design, etc.13 major subjects Electrical Installation Engineering and Practice, Electrical Apparatus Application and Practice, Modern energy devices, Decentralized Power Supply System, etc.
Electronic Engineering Track4 major subjects
EE Seminar, Electromagnetics II, Computer Architecture, Matlab Simulation.
13 major subjects Probability and Random Process, Microcontroller, Signal & System, Semiconductor Display Physic Electronics, Electronic Circuits II, Mobile Programming II, etc.16 major subjects Automation Network, Semiconductor Process, Communication System, Optoelectronic Engineering, Sensor Network, Computer Network, etc.
Control Engineering Track4 major subjects Electrical and Electronics Mathematics, Electromagnetics II, Computer Architecture, Sensor Engineering.10 major subjects
Signal Processing, Mechatronics, Microcontroller, Electronic Circuits II, Microcontroller System Design, Image Processing, Data Communication, etc.
12 major subjects Embedded System Architecture, Modern Intelligent Control System, Computer Vision, Digital Integrated Circuits, Introduction to Wireless Communications, etc.

Beyond Graduation

Graduates are finding employment at information and communication-related companies, at control and automationrelated companies, microwave-related companies, software and embeddedrelated companies, semiconductor and display manufacture-related companies, and electrical installation and supervision-related companies.