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Division of Chemical engineering

Department of Chemical engineering

We are producing professionals in the biotechnology (BT), nanotechnology (NT), information technology (IT), and renewable energy fields, where chemical engineering takes charge in the advanced future society. We opened a course for the teaching profession, targeting the acquisition of a license for class 2 regular middle school teachers in 2003, and opened an intensive course in chemical engineering (ABEEK) in 2007 as part of the effort to increase the quality of education while helping students develop a sense of the field through various practical courses.

LocationN123, Engineering Building 1

Introduction to Curricula

After learning basic theories in chemical engineering, students will move on to intensive courses covering energy engineering, organic chemistry, biochemical engineering, and interface engineering, along with polymer engineering, basic chemical engineering experiments, and chemical reaction experiments.

Beyond Graduation

People with undergraduate and graduate chemical engineering degrees go on to work in industry, academia, consulting, law, medicine, finance, and other fields. The curricular in our department include new trends in chemical engineering, such as Interdisciplinary biotechnology, Renewable energy, Nano & new materials. Throug these we train our students to exercise leadership in industry, academia, and government in terms of technological, economic, and social issues.

Key industry materialPetrochemistry, Plastic, Fiber&Rubber, Pulp, Paper, Fertilizer, Iron(steel) Manufacture, Cement .
High-tech materials industryPolymer, Bio products, Information electronic material, New Ceramic materials.
The field of environmentPollution treatment technology ,Clean technology ,Green Industry technology
Industrial automation and information fieldEngineering industry, Multimedia materials and components, Industrial automation field, Process system .
Renewable energyFuel cell, Alternative energy (Biodiesel, biofuels), Clean energy (Solar and hydrogen energy) , Electric energy
The field of biotechnologyFood, Pharmaceuticals, Fine chemical materials, Genetic engineering and Life science, Medical engineering technology,