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Department of Business Administration

Department of Business Administration

Business administration is a field of social science that deals with social phenomena in the industrial society in the age of digitalization and globalization. We teach our students the theories and techniques that can be applied in management organizations. Students are cultivated into professional manpower with creative ideas as business managers with deep insight into their social roles.

LocationT216, Human and Social Science Building


Introduction to Curricula

Students will be learning the introduction to business administration, organizational behavior, accounting principles, marketing principles, survey methodologies, personnel management theory, cost accounting, financial management theory, international marketing, knowledge management, commercial law, and tax law.

Beyond Graduation

Large enterprise, Stock and financial institution like securities companies, Bank, insurance company, Government or public agency, Foreign affiliated firm, Small company, Venture enterprise, Trading firm, Management consulting firm, Legal firm, Association and cooperation, Institute and educational agency, etc.

Relevant certificates

CPA(certified public accountant), CTA(certified tax accountant), CFA(chartered financial analyst), FP(financial planner), Certified management consultant, Distribution manager, Physical distribution manager, Asset manager, E-commerce manager, Certified labor consultant, etc.