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Department of Public Administration

Department of Public Administration

We are focusing on cultivating people who can actively cope with the currents of the times along with the trends of globalization, digitalization, and localization. We have developed an expansive human network through a number of commissioned education services for high ranking public officials of the Gyeonggi Provincial Office, cities, and counties, and are producing a number of successful candidates for civil service examinations each year.

LocationT317, Human and Social Science Building

Introduction to Curricula

Students will be learning subjects that are unique to public administration, such as the theory of planing, personnel and financial administration, and organization theory, as well as related social science fields such as law, political science, economics, and sociology.

Beyond Graduation

Department of Public Administration program aim to foster the leaders in public sectors who works for a better society and welfare of the Korean. For this, we trains our students to be the democratic leaders by educating the advanced knowledge and nurturing creativity to solve public problems.