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Department of Landscape Architecture

Department of Landscape Architecture

We are becoming a stronghold department in the metropolitan area,producing 800 or more graduate,including 300 or more people trained through commissioned education over the past 10 years. We aim to produce the talented people required in the professional areas of plannig,design,construction, and management, in order to produce specialized researchers and industrial manpower who can cope with the changes in the constuction and landscape architecture areas.
LocationNatural Science Building(L) 6F, 7F


Introduction to Curricula

Students will be learning theories such as the introdution to the landscape architecture,landscape architecture drawing and expression techniques, and landscape architectureplaning theory, and also learn environment psychology, surveying and practice, plastic practice, landscape architecture trees, overeas field practice and industrial medicine in the advanced track.

Beyond Graduation

Graduates find employment at construction companies, landscape architecture companies, landscape architecture facilities and landscape architecture management companies, public institutions related with landscape architecture, and research institutes.