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Department of Nutrition & Culinary Science

Department of Nutrition & Culinary Science

The main goal of our program is to cultivate professionals for a comprehensive knowledge and creative research skills in the customized nutritional science and food service sector, which will arise in the current and future environment of information and knowledge. We provide a variety of learning opportunities to help students become nutrition and cooking experts, while attending school. We train students to develop skills required to professionals who can lead 21st century's food and restaurant businesses. Up to 95% of students graduated with a dietitian license in 2015. In addition the Cooking Club, and autonomous organization, won a number of prizes in a variety of cooking competitions. As described we are making an effort to cultivate experts in nutrition and culinary science who are both creative and skillful.
LocationL301, Natural Science Building

Introduction to Curricula

Students will be learning a solid scientific and practical curriculum from the basics to applications, such as Nutrition, Cooking Science, Food Ingredients, Meal Management, Nutrition Biochemistry, Physiology, Food Chemistry, Food Microbiology, Organic Chemistry, Food Sanitation, Food Processing & Preservation, Food & Nutrition Analysis, Food Service Organization and Management, Food Sanitation & Law, Nutritional Education and Counseling Experiments, Community Nutrition, Life Span Nutrition, Diet Therapy, Practices of Korean Cuisine, Practices of Western Cuisine, Principle of Menu Development & Marketing, Food Packaging, Functional Food, Study & Applied of Franchise Culinary, Study & Applied of Asian Culinary, Cooking & Design, Seminar on Food and Nutrition, Practice of Field Work and Field Practices.

Beyond Graduation

Graduates can find employment as dietitian, food-related public official, culinary teacher, researcher in food laboratory affiliated with a food industry, cooking specialist, chef, cook (school, hospital, food service facilities), professional manager in food and nutrition related organization or workplace, nutrition consultant (health promotion center, sports center, diet center), specialized reporter, food stylist, food coordinator, clinical dietitian.