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Department of Child & Family Welfare

 Department of Child & Family Welfare

The consept of child and family welfare has expanded recently, due to child development, the multicultural phenomena displayed in international cociety, children's human rights, and the welfare issues of families. Through the Curricula, students can obtain a class 2 social worker's license, a class 2 child minder's license, and a healthy family specialist's license. We are currently operating  the Ggumnamu Safe School through the sponsorship of the Gyeonggi Provincial Office and Anseong City, providing high quality day care services to elementary school students of low-income families and double-income families.

LocationL501, Nature Science Building


Introduction to Curricula

Students will obtain the professional knowledge requires by experts in child and family welfare and also comprehensive practical skills through the course.

Beyond Graduation

We educate students on academic foundations and practical skills by combining theory and technology for social welfare policy and practices. Related certifications include those for grade 2 social worker(Ministry of Health and Welfare).Graduates can work at social welfare-related various industries(public officer of social welfare, a general community centers, social welfare facilities, company welfare foundations etc).

The department of family counseling courses aimed at obtaining qualification including Healthy family specialist(certifying by the Ministry of Gender Equality&Family), family life educator, family counselor. Graduates can work at the Healthy Family Support centers for healthy family and multicultural family by counseling and educating. As well as graduates can work at child & juvenile counseling office centers, research institutes related to social welfare institution and social research centers etc.

We educate students on academic foundations and practical learning by combining theory and technology for child care and education. Related certifications include those for grade 2 care and education teachers.Graduates can work at public and private daycares as teachers and kindergartens as teachers for full times. Recently, They obtain employment in various places such as manager for infant education, infant related broadcasting, project and production of books. Other students go to graduate school to expand their knowledge and skills in child care and education and child development.