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Department of Applied Mathematics

Department of Applied Mathematics

We intended to help students learn basic knowledge in the field of mathematics through a process of thinking and applying such knowledge to overall phenomena in society. We teach our students with not only purely academic subjects but also applied mathematics such as statistics and computers, so that they can work as professionals in mathematics-related fields.

LocationL214, Natural Science Building


Introduction to Curricula

Students will be learning the main trunks of mathematics, such as analysis, algebra, probability and geometry, along with practical subjects, such as statistics, analytics, and computer. As for the analysis, students learn calculus, advanced calculus including vector calculus. Then they learn linear algebra, ordinary and partial differential equations, real analysis, complex analysis. They learn algebra, number theory, discrete mathematics. They learn also topology and differential geometry. Numerical analysis will help students apply their mathematical knowledge with a help of computational symbolic language such as Mathematica and Matlab. Subjects of probability and statistics are also open. Students will learn basic financial mathematics. As for computers, we open data structure, algorithm analysis, object oriented programming.

Beyond Graduation

Graduates can find employment at financial institutes and various companies in computer operation, at computer-related venture companies, and statistics-related companies.