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Department of Sports Science

Department of Sports Science

By combining various disciplines from natural science to humanities, social science, and leisure recreation into the curriculum, we are helping students to choose a career that fits their aptitudes. Enrolled students are also involved to partake in various activities. World female professional boxing champion Dan-bi Kim and the law tennis team are ranked high among Korean sports entities. We have a variety of equipment for a number of leisure sports, such as skin-scuba diving, wind surfing, water-skiing, aerial sports, skiing, and snowboarding, and a variety of testing and practice equipment that intensifies student practice

LocationNatural Science Building(L) 1F


Introduction to Curricula

Students will be learning sports media theory, human anatomy, sports dynamics, and sports statistics, along with practical courses such as swimming, water sports, gymnastics, winter sports, aerial sports, rhythm sports, and sports education.

Beyond Graduation

Graduates are finding employment at hospital rehabilitation centers, exercise prescription offices, sports centers, sports information analysis fields, sports event companies, agencies, and as professional leisure sports instructors.