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Graduate schoolGraduate School of Bio & Information Technology

Graduate School of Bio & Information Technology

The Graduate School of Future Convergence Technology

In the 21st Century, science and technology are considered important elements of national power, and many countries are making enormous investments and efforts to develop technologies. The society is undergoing changes that are different from those of the 20th-Century's industrial era. Knowledge transfer is occurring at enormous speeds and acquisition and utilization of knowledge will be an important topic in education. National power and personal ability will be decided by how fast one can acquire information and how efficiently one uses that information. Bio & Information Technology and its application will be at the top of technological discussions for some time. Thus, the Graduate School of Bio & Information Technology aims to nurture capable professionals and creative researchers in the fields of Plant Biotechnology, Animal Biotechnology, Genomic Informatics, Information Communication, Computer Engineering, Signal Processing, etc.

LocationA216, Administration Building