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Graduate schoolPlant Biotechnology

Major in Plant Biotechnology

Plant Biotechnology

The major of plant biotechnology utilizes various gene manipulation and molecular breeding technologies to improve the plant production from environmental factors with abiotic and biotic stresses and do molecular research on biological phenomenon of plant. And we also focus on transgenic plant production, molecular plant microbe interaction, functional genomics, DNA markers and mushroom biotechnology. The primary objective of the plant biotechnology is to develop the future high-technology and to educate the capable young scientists. The primary research thrust of the program is on improving resistance or tolerance of economically important plants to stress resulting from pests, predation, drought, salinity, heat, frost, or other environmental factors. Expertise currently is focused on plant improvement, biological control, interdisciplinary and genomic research.

LocationI413, Agriculture Building 1

Introduction to Curricula

The department of plant biotechnology offers well structured curriculum that can make students gain the diversity knowledge for plant and microbiological biotechnologies using the molecular biological methods during the MS and Ph.D courses. Major curriculum subjects includes genomics, plant biotechnology, molecular breeding, mycology, molecular plant pathology, molecular biology et al.

Beyond Graduation

Graduates can work in research fields of nursery companies that produce hybrid seed and agricultural drugs. Also they can have an opportunity to be hired as researcher in private and national institutes in biotechnology focused on plant improvement, biological control and genomic research.