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Graduate schoolAnimal Biotechnology

Major in Animal Biotechnology

Animal Biotechnology

Our department provides students with future career in medicine, food, animals, plants, environment, and other industries related to the fields of biosciences. The major studies and researches will be focused on analyses of molecular functions and structures of cells, genic functions, biochemical pathways of living organisms, bioinformatics and other general genomics. Gene functions for quatitative and qualitative characteristics are also intensively studied. Our researches are mainly emphasized for development of a strong background in modern biotechnology.

LocationJ409, Agriculture Building 2

Introduction to Curricula

Department aims to educate students to exposure to wide areas of bio life sciences, interpretation of living organisms, development of new bio materials, production of livestock and management, processing and distribution of meat products. The main goal of our department is to train students to get into industries of life sciences after graduation. And also, we ensure our programs to work essential for the future academic and industrial fields that students could make major contribution to bio industries in field practice and academic researches in the future.

Beyond Graduation

Animal Research Center, Bio-drug company et al.,