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Graduate schoolGenomic Informatics

Major in Genomic Informatice

Genomic Informatics

Genome informatics is compound of Genetics and Informatics, that is to understand and study the genetic phenomena in terms of molecular biology, biochemistry, and molecular genetic studies. We have the training program that is consist of mainly such as genome structural analysis, functional analysis of the gene level, gene and protein expression profile analysis affecting the quantitative and qualitative traits that are expressed in vivo. We also have high level of education environment, which resulted in being the recipient of the Brain Korea 21 program in korea(Brain Korea 21 is a government program to train talented individuals). through the program, we are making an effort to cultivate talented people for the world.

LocationJ409, Agriculture Building 2

Introduction to Curricula

Students will learn fundamentally subjects including Genome analysis, Bioinformatics, Gene Mapping Theory, Gene identification, Gene diagnostics, Biostatistics, functional genomics, and the like. And They will also learn advanced courses in subjects such as Molecular biology, Genetics, Microbiology, and Cell biology.

Beyond Graduation

We have various job opportunities, such as national institutes(National Insititute of Animal science; NIAS, Korea Institute for Animal Products Quality Evaluation; KAPE, Korea Livestock Products HACCP Accreditation Service; KOLPHAS) related to genetic engineering industry, bio venture companies, pharmaceutical companies, and biotechnology companies.