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Graduate schoolConvergence of Information and Communication Engineering

Major in Plant Biotechnology

Bio-Business and Informatics

With the rapid changes of an intelligent society, the food supply center in the past is unable to cope with the current expectation of agriculture farms both internationally and domestically. Creating economic policies in ensuring that environmentally friendly farm produce is safe and sustainable, as well as related policies that support this, is a major issue

LocationJ402, Agriculture Building 2

Introduction to Curricula

Using theory and method of social scientists a micro-macro of view the world food economy about the system of education or research fields

1. Sustainable agricultural economy
2. Environmentally friendly farming, food and beverage, food production and related industries
3. Socially responsible manufacturers in the FMCG and recycling industries
4. Eco-friendly farm produce and related policies
5. International collaboration and research with the agricultural industry in developing countries

The world's leading corporate leader of the (Bio - business), Such as companies or international trade related to biological information strategy to seek a Bio - aimed at nurturing experts of a business

Beyond Graduation

Through the development and ability of industry research, and upgrading of technical and research skills, graduates can look forward to being employed in the industry research area. In addition, young students looking to progress to research institution can look forward to opportunity to apply rigorously what they learnt through first - hand application of theories with the implementation of related government policies