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Graduate schoolConvergence of Information and Communication Engineering

Major in Plant Biotechnology

Computer Engineering

Computers and computing are an integral part of our lives today. Computing is revolutionizing the process of research, development, and discovery in all fields of engineering and science. The societal impact of computing continues to increase as computers become more broadly accessible.In Computer Science with a new vision and focus on those human-oriented and aims to study the diversity of world-class talent and leadership for computing education.
Location N310, Engineering Building 1
Tel 82-31-670-5164
Fax 82-31-670-5446

Introduction to Curricula

There are 3 majors in the department: Software Engineering, Computer Graphics, and Computer Network. Dept. of C.S offers M.S. Computer science majors take courses covering algorithms, data structures, design pattern, programming languages, software engineering, and theory. Electives include computer graphics, computer vision, cryptography, databases, networks, and scientific computing.

Beyond Graduation

Graduates can find employment as software development companies and research areas. Also they can have an opportunity to be hired as programming manger in manufacturing and mobile app companies.