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Graduate schoolDepartment of Law

Department of Law

Department of Legal Affairs

Department of legal affairs aims to explore how law is organized, realized and how it should be implemented in our current society. Through the help of relevant literature and historical records, theories in each field of law can be further researched and through debating with the experts at hand on certain real event topics and visiting and communicating with the direct stake-holders of the issue, down-to-earth research is pursued that trains the students as well. One can choose to minor in Public Law (the Constitution and Administrative Law), in Civil Law, in Criminal Law, or in basic laws. It also becomes a place of mutual exchange for various experts ranging from public officers in the Executive, Legislative and Police department, to corporate employees and hands-on staff on law study in the department.

LocationT417, Human and Social Science Building

Introduction to Curricula

Students will be learning a variety of subjects, including case-study of human right, general theory of democracy, general theory of private law, social welfare administration, study on election and form of political organization,general theory of tax law, study on legislation, copyright law, case of administration law, study on constitutional judgement, law of administrative remedies, seminar in criminalogy,crimes of violence, scientific crime scene investigation, corporation law.

Beyond Graduation

State and local officials and police officers or auditors, general corporate, media, patent attorney, cyber crime lab