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Graduate schoolDepartment of Labor Welfare

Department of Labor Welfare

Department of Labor Welfare

Labor welfare and issues of social policy is the core of modern society as a key indicator of quality life and an essential task. Nevertheless, the problem of labor welfare remains unfinished, Also, Labour and Welfare Policy for the need of advanced societies are being constantly raised. The Department of Labor welfare and labor policies are studied (Master of Public Administration) and social work majors (Masters City Council Welfare) and two majors is operating, social work majors can be related courses upon completion of a social worker qualifications.

LocationA312-1, Administration Building

Introduction to Curricula

The Department of Labour Welfare looks just the reality of social change and labor today. Students are provided the curriculum, bachelor maps can capture the story of theoretical understanding and in the field of labor and social welfare policy. Public Administration, Law, etc. provide an opportunity to learn a variety of subjects studied and outlines the unique subjects of labor policy and social policy. Labor and Welfare is for experts to be the protagonist of the preferred industrial relations and social welfare state built form

1) Labor negotiations and conflict coordination
2) Labor-management partnership skills
3) Social and job creation, job sharing and advocacy skills
4) Productive welfare advocacy skills for disadvantaged communities
5) Education and focused in order to cultivate the social enterprise management skills.