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Graduate schoolDepartment of Green Bio Industry

Department of Bioresource and Rural System Engineering

Department of Green Bio Industry

This graduate course trains professionals accustomed to academic theory and applied technology to lead the future on the field of green biotechnology industry facing situations that require environmentally management scheme suitable for the future of the agricultural industry due to changes of global climate and ecosystems.

LocationJ402/J409/I108/I208/I308, Agriculture Building 1(I), 2(J)

Introduction to Curricula

The curriculum features various green biotechnologies related with agricultural industries covering bio-resource management system, the new concept of carbon management and quantification of climate resources, environmental resources for future agricultural production assessment management systems, eco-friendly crop production and management, rural-based systems built eco-friendly, local environmental management, climate using the data due to changes in information and fundamental analysis, genetic characteristics of plants and animals

Beyond Graduation

Graduates can find employment as agriculture officials, researchers, professional managers, farmers, agricultural educators, public agricultural institutions