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Graduate schoolDepartment of Plant Engineering

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Department of Plant Engineering

As you see the fact that Korean business occupies more than 70% of overseas plant market, plant industry is paid an attention as a potential leader of construction field. It is expected by the government that by 2025 new market for energy-plant field will emerge with financial size of about 103trillion won. On the other hand, Korea had a number of plant specialists in the past, however at present,the situation is right the opposite. The Dept.has securd Korea's competitive overseas plant construction industry, while contributing to phenomenon of lack in specialized human resources as a result of overseas construction market expansions.

LocationS211, Engineering Building 3

Introduction to Curricula

1석사전필Thesis Study330 
2전선Advanced Steel Structures330 
3전선Structural Dynamics330 
4전선Advanced Managent of Air Polution330 
5전선Advanced Prevension Theory of Air Polution330 
6전선Hydraulics for Pipe Layout330 
7전선Biological Treatment Plant330 
8전선Advanced Diffusion Theory330 
9전선Structure management System330 
10전선Structural Maintenance330 
11전선Advanced Soft Soils330 
12전선Advanced Fluid Mechanical Engineering330 
13전선Advanced Fluid Mechanics330 
14전선Advanced Concrete Structures330 
15전선The Theory of Elastic Stability330 
16전선Design of earth Retaining Structures330 
17전선Advanced Soil Mechanics330 
18전선Wastw Recycling330 
19전선Basement Design of Plant330 
20전선Management of Plant System330 
21전선Plant Survey330 
22전선Plant Structural Analysis330 
23전선Advanced Coastal Engineering330 
24전선Waste Water Chemical Processing330 
25전선Environmental Chemistry330 
26전선Applied Theory of Elasticity330 
27전선Advanced Structural Analysis by Computer330 
28전선Advanced Structural Material Characteristics330 
29전선Seismic Design of Structures330 
30전선Advanced Prestressed Concrete330 
31전선Plant Structural Design330 

Beyond Graduation

Plant engineering is a common named engineering about design, analysis and maintenance facilities for development and processing of resource. After graduate, construction company, design and supervision, petrochemical plant is promising path.