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Graduate schoolDepartment of Child and Family Welfare

Department of Child and Family Welfare

Department of Child and Family Welfare

Major in Child & Family

Department of Children and Family aims at cultivating healthy family specialists in childcare, family counseling, healthy family support and multi-cultural phenomenon in global international society and childcare and family support specialists by acquiring healthy family specialists certificate.

Major in Social Welfare

The Major in Social Welfare is dedicated to the pursuit, advancement, and transmission of the most up-to-date knowledge of a broad range of social policies and interventions in Korea. The department is committed to build a welfare state which seeks to prevent and alleviate social problems, build the capacity of individuals, families or communities and advance social justice and harmony.

LocationL501, Nature Science Building

Introduction to Curricula(Major in Child & Family)

- Certification for Healthy Family Specialists
- Ref. Introducton for curriculum

Introduction to Curricula(Major in Social Welfare)

The curriculum of the School of Social Welfare is designed to nurture most -needed talents who can solve problems the society is facing. We provide quality education for those who want to become experts on social welfare like social workers or researchers on social welfare.

Beyond Graduation(Major in Child & Family)

Childcare Specialists, Healthy Family Specialists, Researcher, Counseling

Beyond Graduation(Major in Social Welfare)

Most graduates in our program have advanced to occupations that are closely related to the field of social welfare. Others Works local and central governments as social worker, correction worker and protection worker.