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Graduate schoolDepartment of Sports Science

Department of Sports Science

Department of Sports Science

With the advent of a leisure society resulting from advances in information and technology, the Exercise, Sport, & Leisure studies major emphasizes the training of professional leaders through a systematic and scientific knowledge of sports, exercise, leisure, recreation, and advanced training techniques. Designed to prepare expertise in coaching, managing and supervising sports for the creation of a new health culture. The Exercise, Sport, & Leisure studies major offers instruction on methods and theories needed to take an active part in administrative institutions, commercial sports centers and local community facilities. Therefore, students who want to major in Exercise, Sport, & Leisure studies shall need to possess not only physical strength but also expertise in all areas of particular sports.

LocationL101, Nature Science Building

Introduction to Curricula

The Exercise, Sport, & Leisure studies major provides a varied curriculum to cultivate proficient knowledge in managing and supervising sports events, through theoretical and practical study. Theory-based subjects help students to obtain the needed knowledge, refinement and expertise to become a professional in the field. Theory-based subjects are principles of physical education, sport information, Exercise, Sport, & Leisure studies leadership, Exercise, Sport, & Leisure studies management, sociology of sport, sport physiology, leisure management, and health and fitness.

Beyond Graduation

Graduates are actively working as health managers, instructors at health club centers, or as professionals in sports related government offices managing various health programs. By obtaining a certificate to instruct the Exercise, Sport, & Leisure studies programs, graduates may also work as a professional instructor in related fields. Those who excelled in sports marketing or sports management, may choose to work in large corporations or as a professional manager in large sports centers.