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Graduate schoolDepartment of Industrial System Engineering

Department of Bioresource and Rural System Engineering

Department of Industrial System Engineering

Industrial System Engineering is called as other similar names: Industrial Engineering, Industrial Management, or Industial Information Engineering. Indutrial System Engineering is ranged in the fusion field of engineering and management.
Therefore, it deals not only opertioal problems in industrial fields, production, quality, cost, delivery, and safety, but alos strategic problems in organizational management, account and finance, marketing and technology management.
In the problem solving process, industrial system engineering takes the system engineering approach to optimize the goal of a company

LocationS307, Engineering Building 3

Introduction to Curricula

The curriculum of industrial system engineering department provides basic subjects such as introduction of industrial system engineering, statistics and computer application to enhance the capability of systematic analysis of industrial problems.

Based on the basic curricula, graduate school students can select several subects from production system management, quality management, cost accouting, project management, and safety and health management.

Realted with stratgic management, personal and organizational psychology, technolgogy marketing and MIS can be taught.

Especially, related with human-machine system design, design ergonomics, human interface design, and job design are also offered.

Beyond Gradution

After graduating the department of industrial system engineering, graduates can get the systematic view on the industrial problems and capabilities to solve them. It can help them to get the role intermidary managers in the fields of productiom, quality and safety management.