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Graduate schoolDepartment of Animal Life and Environment Science

Major in Biotechnology, Animal and Dairy Life Science

Department of Animal Life and Environment Science

Animal Life and Environmental Sciences is divided into three major sections. Animal Life Sciences, Dairy Life Sciences and Animal Materials Science. Major in Animal Life and Environmental Sciences is studying from traditional and modern studies, including animal nutrition, animal breeding, reproductive physiology, specification management, farm facilities and environmental science, animal disease management, biotechnology companies informatics, meat and milk processing science, to studies with high technology, such as food and microbial fermentation engineering, animal biotechnology, genetic engineering, cell engineering. Animal Life and Environmental Sciences has acquired the basic and applied knowledge in related disciplines, and to explore and analyze new technologies and training to maximize animal productivity by applying it to further talent to contribute to the improvement of human health and welfare and the environment the targeting.

Department of Animal Life and Environment Science

It aims to specialize in learning and researching top-notch studies in the fields of animal nutrition, breeding, production physiology, specification management, facility and environmental science, disease management, biology business information, meat processing, food and yeast microbiology engineering, cell engineering, genetic engineering, and animal life science.

Department of Biotechnology

It aims to find out cause of disease and develop cure while solving life phenomenon, organization, response passage analysis, post genome research, bioengineering integrated interpreting research in the fields of human health and welfare improvement.

Location J403, Agriculture Building 2
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Introduction to Curricula

The aims of our department are to expand the basic knowledge in all areas of biotechnology and animal sciences, the survey and distribution analysis of genetic diversity of living things, the development of new materials for applying animal industry, animal production and farm management, livestock products processing. The purpose of our education is to train student with higher talent for improving the productivity of the animals, and to maximize the sustainable environmental substantiality and human health.