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 Graduate schoolDepartment of Chemical Engineering

Major in Chemical Engineering

Department of Chemical Engineering

Our department offers academic programs that prepare students to master physical, chemical, and biological processes and engineering design. In addition to these traditional goals of chemical engineering, our programs are also closely related to ET (Environmental & energy technology), NT (Nano-technology), IT (Information technology) as well as BT(bio-technology).

LocationEngineering Building 1(N) 1F

Introduction to Curricula

Our programmes encompass advanced chemical engineering, advenced bioprocess &chemical engineering,materials science, biomass&energy engineering and nano & new material.

Beyond Graduation

People with undergraduate and graduate chemical engineering degrees go on to work in industry, academia, consulting, law, medicine, finance, and other fields. The curricular in our department include new trends in chemical engineering, such as Interdisciplinary biotechnology, Renewable energy, Nano & new materials. Throug these we train our students to exercise leadership in industry, academia, and government in terms of technological, economic, and social issues.

Department of Integrated Chemical and Environmental Technology(M-ChET)

Our department offer special academic program of M-ChET. The program is run under a five-semester-system: Fall, Winter, Spring, Fall and Spring in the following year. During initial Fall, Winter and Spring semesters, students primarily take core in the Chemical Engineering and concentration courses for research methodology since students choose supervisor in their interested area. After the Spring semester, students will have the summer period for writing their theses.


1. Program Title: Master’s Degree Program in integrated Chemical Environmental Technology (M-ChET)
2. Duration
  - Stay duration: August 17, 2017 ~ March 31, 2019 (20 months)
    Students are strongly recommended to complete their thesis within their 20 months of stay.
  - Academic duration: September 2017 – August 2019 (24 months)
     In accordance to the university regulations, the diploma will be issued in August 2019.
3. Objectives Specifically designed for government officials from developing countries, the M-ChET program aims to contribute to economic development of these countries by
  - Building capacity in the area of developing planning of human resources for Chemical and Environmental Engineering, development cooperation, and adaptation of global climate change with Convergence Technology;
  - Strengthening the capability of sustainable environmental development policy of government officials;
  - Building human networks between and among the trainees, and representatives of relevant agencies and organizations and understand the importance of economic and cultural cooperation between countries
  - To learn chemical and environmental engineering for the purpose of promoting economic development and welfare of the country.
  - To prepare and write a Master thesis on a subject related to chemical, energy and environmental problems.

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