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Graduate schoolDepartment of Electrical Elctronic, and Control Engineering

Major in Electrial, Electronic, and Control Engineering

Department of Electrical Elctronic, and Control Engineering

There are 3 majors in the department: Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, and Control Engineering.

Location N222, Engineering bilding 1
Tel 031-670-5320
Fax 031-670-5329

Introduction to Curricula

Electrical, Electronics and Control Engineering covers a wide range of research areas in its field and its applications. The goal of the department is to train professionals that are capable of perceiving and resolving problems founded on basic science, The programs of the department are based on electrical, Electronic and Control technology, and trains students as professionals who will make a leading contribution to the growth of the nation and societies. The students are required to prepare for a wider and globalized world.

Beyond Graduation

Graduates can find employment as manufacturing companies and research areas.