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Graduate schoolDepartment of Landscape Architecture

Major in Biotechnology, Animal and Dairy Life Science

Department of Landscape Architecture

It aims at nurturing value and problem consciousness through deep consideration to our living environment, educating creative course of such research, and educating various knowledge and technology necessary to expressing trouble-shooting and its result. The curriculum asks for scientific analysis based upon analysis or methodology, understanding professional cases, history, theory, design, etc and establishing new knowledge system.

Location Natural Science Building(L) 6F, 7F
Tel 82-31-670-5210
Fax 82-31-670-5219

Introduction to Curricula

Students will be learning theories such as the introdution to the landscape architecture,landscape architecture drawing and expression techniques, and landscape architectureplaning theory, and also learn environment psychology, surveying and practice, plastic practice, landscape architecture trees, overeas field practice and industrial medicine in the advanced track.

Beyond Graduation

Graduates find employment at construction companies, landscape architecture companies, landscape architecture facilities and landscape architecture management companies, public institutions related with landscape architecture, and research institutes.