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Graduate schoolDepartment of Human Ecology

Major in Biotechnology, Animal and Dairy Life Science

Department of Human Ecology

Major of Clothing Industry

Graduate course in the department of human ecology was established in 2013. Graduate course divided into food and nutrition, and clothing industry. In order to train researchers, teachers and industrial experts who works in the research and academic area of clothing, the main curriculum in the course of masters are as follows; clothing construction, fashion design, textile design, korean traditional costume. The department carry out a specialized and systematical academy and research activity for graduate school.

Major of Nutrition&Culinary Science

The main goal of our program is to cultivate professionals for a comprehensive knowledge and creative research skills in the customized nutritional science and food service sector, which will arise in the current and future environment of information and knowledge. We train students to develop skills required to professionals who can lead 21st century's food and restaurant businesses. We provide a variety of learning opportunities to help students become experts in the field of nutrition and cooking science.

Location L401 / L301, Natural Science Building
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Introduction to Curricula(Clothing Industry)

In the Field of Clothing Construction : Pattern Making according to the Body Shape, Body Shape Analysis for the Clothing Construction, Sizing System of Clothes According to the Body Type & Age group, Study on the Pattern Making & Grading by the Apparel CAD System In the Field of Fashion Design : Fashion Design, Fashion Styling and Costume Design of Film & Stage In the field of Textile design, Dyeing & Weaving, Fabric art, Textile design, Textile design of Digital, Fashion accessory design, Fashion color and coordination, Research and Education, for the Design and Color. In the Field of History of Costume : History of Korean Costume, History of Eastern Costume, Construction and Design of Korean Costume

Introduction to Curricula(Nutrition&Culinary Science)

Students in our program are taught a solid scientific and practical curriculum, such as Advanced Study of Applied Nutrition, Advanced study on Food Science, Advanced Study of Applied Food and Cookery Science, Current Research of Applied Food & Cookery Science, Advanced Study of Food Safety Evaluation, Seminar of Food and Nutrition, Food Fermentations, Metabolic Disorders & Diseases, Development of foodservice menu, Advanced food processing and preservation, Theory of Physicochemical Properties and Estimate for Food, Food Analysis, Seminar on Food Sanitation Issues, Energy Metabolism, Nutrition and Aging, Research in Nutrition Assessment, Advanced Study of Management and Marketing for Catering Business and Thesis Study.

Beyond Graduation(Clothing Industry)

Fashion Designer, Pattern Maker, Stylist, Textile Designer, Curator, Conservator, Researcher of Fashion Institute

Beyond Graduation(Nutrition&Culinary Science)

Graduates can find employment as culinary teacher, dietitian, food-related public official, researcher in food laboratory affiliated with a food industry, cooking specialist, chef, cook (school, hospital, food service facilities), professional manager in food and nutrition related organization or workplace, nutrition consultant (health promotion center, sports center, diet center), specialized reporter, food stylist, food coordinator, clinical dietitian