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Graduate schoolDepartment of Aplied Mathematics

Major in Biotechnology, Animal and Dairy Life Science

Department of Aplied Mathematics

In the Department of Applied Mathematics, students are encouraged to widen the mathematical knowledge in order that they would be specialized mathematical researchers. Also we encourage the students to achieve the ability of applying the mathematical theory to real problems.

Location L214, Natural Science Building
Tel 82-31-670-5340
Fax 82-31-670-5349

Introduction to Curricula

In the Department of Mathematics the main curricula consists not only of the basic pure subjects such as algebra, analysis, geometry but also of the applied mathematics such as non-linear partial differential equations, applied statistics, probability theory and mathematical physics, applied harmonic analysis, applied functional analysis. It is subject to the need of the students and the trends.

Beyond Graduation

After graduation, students can be mathematical researchers, professors, teachers. They can also work in industrial or financial companies applying their specialized mathematical knowledge.