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Graduate schoolDepartment of Language and Literature Arts

Major in Language and Literary Arts

Department of Language and Literature Arts

The Department of Language and Literary Arts provides two majors, one in English Language and Literature and the other in Media Creative Writing and Literary Arts. The major in English language and literature focuses on comprehensive training in all areas of English linguistics, literature, and education, pursuing the ultimate goal of fostering the global leader with an outstanding proficiency of English. The major of Media Creative Writing and Literary Arts is intended to train prospective culture planners by offering a wide range of courses related to literary theories and field work for creative writing. The curriculum in both majors is based on the educational philosophy that all the theoretical training should be followed by the practical performance of creative work and legitimate consideration of social issues.

Location T116 / T516, Human and Social Science Building
Tel 031-670-5310/031-670-5380
Fax 031-670-5319/031-670-5389

Introduction to Curricula

The curriculum provides a variety of theoretical, empirical, and analytical courses including all areas in linguistics, education and literature, in order for students to acquire the knowledge and skills for in-depth exploration of fundamental questions related to language and literature. Among many others, courses to be offered are phonetics, phonology, semantics, pragmatics, syntax, education, English literature and culture, Korean traditional and modern literature, literary contents, and so forth.

Beyond Graduation

Graduates may be able to work in foreign as well as domestic companies that are related with a variety of fields such as publishing, airline, trading, public service, and so forth.