Park Jun Seo 사진
Park Jun Seo
Polymeric Material, Electrospinning, Drug Delivery System, Energy Storage, Electrode for Battery
Engineering Hall 1 Building #112


* Education

- Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, State University of New York at Buffalo, NY, USA

* Publications 

- Nguyen Trung Hieu, Beomseok Tae, Jun Seo Park, Kwang Nam Lee, “Synthesis of perfluoralkyl Alcohol, 3-(perfluoroctyl)propan-2-ol, using two step alcoholization”, J. the Korean Chemical Society, 56, 5, 603-608(2012)

- Thuy Thi Thu Nguyen, Chiranjit Ghosh, Seong-Gu Hwang, Noppavan Chanunpanich, Jun Seo Park, “Porous core/sheath composite nanofibers fabricated by coaxial electrospinning as a potential mat for drug release system”, International Journal of Pharmaceutics, doi:10.1016/jipharm.2012.09.019 

- Cong Van Do, Thuy Thi Thu Nguyen, Jun Seo Park, “Fabrication of polyethylene glycol/polyvinylidene fluoride core/shell nanofibers via melt electrospinning and their characteristics”, Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells, 104, 131-139(2012)

-  seon Il Jang, Ji Ye Mok, In Hwa Jeon, Kwang_Hyun Park, Thuy Thi Thu Nguyen, Jun Seo Park, Hee Min Hwang, Mi Sun Song, Duckhee Lee, and Kyu Yun Chai, “Effect of electrospun non-woven mats of dibutyryl chitin/poly(lactic acid) blends on wound healing in hairless mice”, Molecules, 17, 2992-3007(2012)

- Thu Ha Thi Vu, Thu Trang Thi Nguyen, Phuong Hoa Thi Nguyen, Manh Hung Do,

Hang Thi Au, Thanh Binh Nguyen, Dinh Lam Nguyen, Jun Seo Park, “Fabrication of photocatalytic composite of multi-walled carbon nanotubes/TiO2 and its application for desulfurization of diesel”, Materials Research Bulletin, 47, 308–314(2012)  

- T. Hang, Lang Ngoc Pham, Thu Ha Thi Vu, and J.S.Park, “Fabrication of an anti bacterial non-woven mat of poly(lactic acid)/Chitosan Blend by electrospinning”, Macromolecular Research, 20, 1, 51-58(2012)

- Thuy Thi Thu Nguyen, and Jun Seo Park, ”Fabrication and Characterization of Electrospun CS (core)/PLA (shell) Nanofibers”,  J. Chitin Chitosan 16(4), 282-288 (2011)