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Message from the President

Hankyong National University is the paragon of excellence in academics. Since its establishment in 1939, the University has been a forerunner in training tomorrow's workforce today. HKNU fosters initiative and vision in our graduates to forge a promising future for Korea and the world. HKNU is proud of its long history and academic tradition, going back 78 years. With this proud heritage, HKNU welcomes you to the campus that prepares leaders for another great leap beyond the horizon.
HKNU has collaborated on assorted projects sponsored by the Ministry of Education, including specialization projects jointly pursued by the university, corporations and industries. Our distinguished faculty is also actively engaged in various global exchange programs with prominent universities with renowned reputation. The ever-increasing growth in education, research and international interchange enables HKNU to nurture global leaders of international acclaim.

In our quest to become a leading university for Agri-food and Bio-Technology, we are making strenuous effort to engender academic excellence in convergence and integration needed for the Forth Industrial Revolution. With this in mind, we’re planning to build a second campus to play the role of an inventive hub on the west coast. We are paving the way for an innovative paradigm beyond quantitative growth.

I believe that graduates from HKNU will become competent and proficient trailblazers, equipped with foresight and wisdom to harmoniously integrate with society. Please keep an encouraging eye on HKUN, to witness steady growth with dynamism and inspiration. HK Dynamics!
Yim Tae Hee 
President, Hankyong National University