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Objectives of education

Truth, Creation, Practice

We regard Truth, Creation and Practice shown in our university’s motto as our educational ideals to realize educational ideals of Republic of Korea. ‘Truth, Creation, Practice’ involve searching for ‘Truth’, ‘Creating’ future value with open education and open mind and nurturing creative talented individuals to contribute to nation and social development with ‘practicing’ truth on the basis of expertise and moral character.

Objectives of Education
Our educational goals aim to teach & research profound theory of learning and the application method on the spirit of Truth, Creation and Practice and contribute to development of nation and human society by developing creative talented individuals having expertise and moral character.

Educational Goals
Our educational goals to develop creative talented individuals having expertise and moral character are as follows.

  • To develop creative doers who create future value on the basis of history and tradition.
  • To develop whole human experts with extensive refinement and integrated academic capability.
  • To develop competent leaders who contribute to nation and society and have a sense of internalization.


Vision of University

  • To be a point university of Gyeonggi-do jumping up to the future through cultivating creative talented individuals
  • To establish developmental strategies of six tasks of JUMP TO THE FUTURE for industry-academic integration and specialization as a main university of industry-academic cooperation, a practical education and maximizing employment rate and establishing multi-campus

    - Six tasks : Strategies for strengthening status of university, strategies for strengthening students’ competence, strategies for strengthening professors’ competence, strategies for strengthening industry-academic cooperation competence, strategies for strengthening administration and finance competence and strategies for strengthening university’s culture competence
  • Strategies for strengthening status of university : University integration, attracting & founding academic field, greening & being high-tech of campus, expanding campus, intensifying a foreign brand image and intensifying specialization
  • Strategies for strengthening students’ competence : Operating programs for attracting excellent students, operating programs for cultivating excellent students, operating programs for intensifying students’ global competitiveness and operating programs for intensifying students’ employment competence
  • Strategies for strengthening professors’ competence : Recruit and diversification of excellent faculty members, intensification of research competence, intensification of educational competence
  • Strategies for strengthening industry-academic cooperation competence : Intensification of industry-academic close education, activation of business start-up in school, intensification of industry-academic exchange cooperation
  • Strategies for strengthening administration and finance competence : Specialization of administrative organization, expansion of finance and improvement of method of execution, systematic and efficient facilities support and intensification of the staff members‘ professional competence
  • Strategies for strengthening university’s culture competence : HK culture & future, community contribution, creating global culture

Objective of Development

  • Objective of development of is ultimately to improve as being a global prestigious university ranked within 20th in our country and ranked 300th globally on the basis of a five-year detailed development goal from 2011 to 2025.
  • Main developmental strategy of is based on six intensified strategies like intensification of status of university, intensification of students’ competence, intensification of professors’ competence, intensification of industry-academy teamwork, intensification of administration and finance competence and intensification of university’s culture competence and especially intensified strategies of status of university establish methods to be a point university in Gyeonggi-do.
  • The first step aims at promoting a model of strong and small national university by settling a system of general university specialized on the basis of specialization of curriculum, academic field and industry-academic cooperation field.
  • The second step is to intensify a core research competence on the basis of education system of a general university specialized and to discover convergence learning with the top competitiveness in the country and to train intensively it and to practice training talented individuals of convergence type with creativity and social practical ability widely.
  • The third step is to possess the best competitiveness of education and research environment and to jump up to promoting institution for national talented individuals ranked within 20th in our country and ranked 300th globally.

University Specialization Plan

Specialization Goal

System establishment for region-based industry-academic cooperation & fostering future talented people by creative education innovation and research capacity intensification per clusters

Specialization Direction

  • Securement of university competitiveness for status of a point general university in Gyeonggi-do
  • Living up to industry demand and university development connected with improvement of education & research ability
  • Improvement of employment rate by specialization of practical education

Specialization Fields

Educational field, Academic field, Industry-academic cooperation, Specialization

[Specialization of Education Field]

  • Developing field-oriented talented individuals by reforming a real work-oriented curriculum
  • Introduction of the real work track systems possible for responding promptly to change of industrial environment
    - No detailed major within undergraduate studies and introduction of new conceptual track systems based on completing system of curriculum like software
  • Developing future talented individuals with a real work-oriented business mind
    - Reforming industry-academic cooperation curriculum connected with the local industry and getting a job
    - Making industry-academic connected programs by intensification of field professional education

[Specialization of Academic Field]

  • Developing talented individuals by specialization of IT field as a new growth power field
  • Specialization of construction & environmental field living up to demand of the local industry
  • Intensifying specialization of agriculture biotechnology field having been driven previously
  • Choosing specialized support field leading future growth industry and pulling university development from now on
  • Specialization field
    - IT field: Specialization of IT field by integrating Electricity Engineering and Electronic Engineering, Information Control Engineering and integrating Computer Engineering and Web Information Engineering
    - Construction and environmental field: academical combination and convergence of Civil Engineering, Safety Engineering, Environmental Engineering
    - Agriculture biotechnology field: intensification of agriculture biotechnology as a specialized field having been driven previously
  • Specialization support
    - Support possible for utilizing aims of specialization such as professors distribution, finance support for specialization and priority support of facilities and equipment to specialization field realizing departments’ unification

[Specialization of Industry-Academic Cooperation Field]

  • Development of demanded manpower in industry & intensification of youth employment by manpower development customized by Industry-academical link
  • Carrying out systematic and practical cooperation by operation of specialized business team of industry-academy cooperation
  • Establishment of future-oriented industry-academy teamwork
  • Establishment of future-oriented regional industry link
  • Development of close FIELD engineer with business mind and global communicative ability
    - FIELD (Future Industry-friendly Engineer and Leader Development)