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Support facilities Office of Int'L & Public Relations Affairs

Public Relation Office

International & Public Relations Office

Location904, Center for Future Convergence Technology
Phone82-31-670-5492, 5494~5

International & Public Relations Office

1. Steers public relation affairs.
2. Establishes basic relations plans.
3. Establishes basic college fund-raising plan.
4. Establishes public relations plan.
5. Publishes PR resources (booklets, newsletters, etc).
6. Prepares and issues press release materials.
7. Submits various internal/external resources.
8. Produces and manages souvenirs.
9. Publishes college catalogue.
10. Distributes and manages PR resources.
11. Operates Public Relations Committee.
12. Monitors PR campaigns and gathers information.
13. Monitors and scraps college-related articles.
14. Gathers and reviews PR information.
15. Manages souvenirs and PR materials.
16. Supports alumni association and related issues.
17. Supports agreements with local organizations (academic, industrial, and research).