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Research InstitutesInstitute of Ecological phytochemistry

Institute of Ecological phytochemistry

Institute of Ecological Phytochemistry

LocationI211, Agriculture Building 1

Institute of Ecological Phytochemistry

The Institute of Ecological Phytochemistry was founded by five professors in April 2002. Located near other biochemical research centers in Hankyong National University, it has great resources for joint research and networking. The ultimate goal of the Institute is to analyze, separate and refine medicinal substances of special plants, and researchers collect plants and extract them to analyze their chemical substances for that purpose. Some of our achievements include studies on responding to climate changes, selection of new plants producing bio-ethanol, and discovery of new helpful plants based on plant genetics and evolution. We are spotlighted by many esteemed researchers around the world and working with five departmental members, four professional researchers, and five students in doctorate and graduate programs.

One of our missions is to nurture capable young scientists in Phytochemisty and Ecology, and we are offering a special educational program, which involves international joint studies with Washington State University, Virginia Polytechnical Institute, the University of Hawaii, the University of Philippines Los Banos, and the University of Graz. We encourage young scientists to work in global settings through international studies. The Plant Physiology and Biochemical Laboratories is equipped with Column Chromatograph, High-pressure Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC), Atomic Force Microscope (AFM), Ion Conductivity Scanning Microscope (ICSM), Carbon Dioxide Analyzer, and Chlorophyll Fluorescence Analyzer for the study of plants.