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Research InstitutesInstitute of environmental science and technology

Institute of environmental science and technology

Institute of Environmental Science and Technology

LocationO305, Engineering Building 2

Institute of Environmental Science and Technology

Rapid industrial development, territorial development, and centralization of population have destroyed the environment and caused pollution to deprive people of their rights to lead pleasant lives and threaten their survival. It requires a considerable amount of time and cost to restore the natural environment that has already been destroyed and polluted. Many people have realized the seriousness of this matter and understood that the most effective measure is prevention rather than recovery. Nevertheless, some policymakers are executing environmentally-unfriendly acts, failing to understand the adverse effects of environmental destruction.
In order to solve these problems, it is necessary to establish environmentally-friendly policies, research and develop ways to solve pollution, and enlighten the citizens to preserve the environment. Being the only national university in the Metropolis where the issues of environmental destruction and pollution is most severe, Hankyong National University believes that it is our duty and responsibility to give advice on and research various ways to preserve the nature and solve the pollution issues. In this respect, the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (IEST) has the purpose to take leadership in preserving and restoring the natural environment and contribute to Gyeonggi-do's balanced development by initiating man-friendly and environmentally-friendly development.