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Retaking Courses

  • 1. Any courses already taken may be retaken by taking the same (similar) course or an alternative course. If the same (similar) course is taken, the previous grade earned will be deleted. If an alternative subject is taken, the previous grade will be deleted when student submits 'the Application for Grade Deletion' to School Affairs Support Team.
    * Considerations when Retaking Courses
    The General Information System is designed indicate whether a course is already taken when you register for classes when you attempt to retake the same course, but a system error might occur. If you find a course that has the same name as the one already taken or believe it is an alternative course, please check with your department or School Affairs Administration Team before registering for that course.
  • 2. If a required course (general education, core, or courses already taken) that needs to be retaken is no longer offered, it is required to take an alternative course that is designated by your department (unless your department cannot designate an alternative subject).
  • 3. If a required course that needs to be retaken has been classified into an elective under new curriculums, you may or may not choose to retake it.