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  • Mid-term: 8th week of semester
  • Final Exams: 15th week of semester

Exams are for students who are currently enrolled and taking registered courses.

Method of EvaluationDesignated form of evaluation during exam periods.
Make-up examsIf a student cannot take an exam during the regular exam period for any of the following reasons, he/she shall submit a request of absence with attached evidence at least 24 hours in prior to exam to obtain Dean's approval:
  • Illness: Attach a doctor's note.
  • Military enlistment or reserve army training: Attach a copy of enlistment notice.
  • Death of close family or other inevitable reasons: Attach related documents.



  • F is given to each registered course that is not completed.
  • 0 point is given to each registered course when students fail to take exams.
  • Grades are not given to withdrawn courses.
  • Grades for make-up exams cannot be higher than B+ (unless a student is approved by President of the University for military duties or public affairs).
  • Grades are not given to student at Temporary Leave.
  • Students are evaluated by relative measures, but the following courses may be exceptions:
    • Labs and practicum with no lecture;
    • Courses with 10 or fewer students;
    • Other courses approved by President.

Viewing Grades

  • Grade reports are issued to each student after all grades are submitted for each semester.

Cancelation of Grades

  • Grades given to students that are not enrolled;
  • Grades given to students that are not registered for corresponding courses;
  • Grades earned from courses exceeding credit limits.
  • Grades proven to be earned by error or cheating.