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Registering for and Changing Classes

Registration Period : Notified period at the end of previous semester (different for each semester)

Place to apply : the place where the internet is available

Location : Any place where Internet connection is available

Available Credit Hours

  • Students can take up to 40 credit hours each year (38 credits for the College of Humanities & Social Science) and up to 21 credits each semester (including retaken courses).
  • Students that took more than 15 credit hours in the previous semester and earned 3.75 or higher GPA may take three additional credit hours.

How to Register for Classes

Procedure and method of how to take subjects

Considerations when Registering for Classes

  • Students are required to register for classes by themselves. Students are responsible for any disadvantages caused by not following the regulations, so it is highly recommended that they check with academic supervisors to register for the right classes and retain a copy of their course list.
  • Students that are scheduled to be graduated must view grades and consult academic advisors to take the right courses for graduation.

Changing Classes

  • Availability: Students that wish to change classes.
  • Consideration: Students are only allowed to change courses and not the total number of credit hours.


  • Period
    • First period: Notified by President within 7 weeks from the first day of school.
    • Second period: In case of employment, relocation, disease, or other inevitable cases, students may attach proof documents to withdraw classes before 2/3 of the semester elapses.
  • Procedure: Obtain approvals from academic advisor and dean for "Course Withdrawal Request" and submit it to School Affairs Support Team.
  • Withdrawal Limit: No more than 1/3 of total credit hours currently registered (rounded to the nearest ones).
  • Others: In case of course withdrawal, tuition is not returned and it cannot be changed to another course.