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MajorMajor Assignment

Student Affairs - Course - Major Assignment


  • Must be enrolled for more than 2 semesters (more than 4 semester for the School of Architecture and the Department of Law).
  • Must have earned 35 credit hours from previous semesters and current semester (70 credit hours for the School of Architecture; 33 credit hours for the College of Science; and 65 credit hours for the Department of Law).

Application Period

  • Notified by President at the end of each semester.

Assignment Method

  • Assigned based on the maximum number of seats in each department and the number of applicants. If the number of applicants exceed the number of available seats, students will be assigned based on grades.


  • Each student submit their choices based on the number of departments (majors) in their division (department).
  • Choices cannot be changed after submitting the application form.
  • Students at Temporary Leave must also submit the application form if qualified.