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Double Major

Double Major: Taking major courses in another department (division) to earn more than one degree.

Application Period

  • Notified for each semester


  • Must be sophomore or higher with 3.0 or higher GPA from two previous semesters.

Required Documents

1 Double Major Application Form, Transcripts, 1 Recommendation Letter from Dean of Department to Apply For.

Application Procedure

Fill out the application → Obtain approval of academic advisor and dean of current department → Obtain approval of dean of department to apply for and attach a recommendation letter → Submitted to department to apply for.


  • In case of the School of Design, double major is allowed only for students that pass the skill test.
  • The number of students with double majors must not exceed 50% of the number of available seats in each department.
  • Merits
    1) Outstanding academic performances until previous semester.
    2) Earned many credit hours.