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University admission


1. Application Period

  • At the beginning of January for 1st semester and February for 2nd semester

2. Readmission Requirements

A. Readmission is approved for students applying for the same year that they left or lower and the same department (division) based on the number of seats available (not approved if not accepted by President).
B. If the original divisions (departments) have been replaced, students may be readmitted into other divisions (departments) designated by President according to educational objectives.
C. If the number of applicants exceeds the number of available seats, readmissions are considered based on grades.




  • Approved based on each department's (division's) availability according to program capacities.

2. Related laws and ground

tudents that have moved with the entire family or have been relocated by company (including new job) to be approved by President. (In case of transferring in, students must be living with the entire family or work for a company near their previous schools.) Must have earned more than 15 credit hours in previous school with outstanding performances.
In regardless of the above, credit and grade requirements are alleviated for transfer students working for national organizations, local governments, public organizations, and medium/large companies.
Students that have been punished by Article 68 of Student Ordinances cannot apply for transfer.


- Transfer students may transfer in courses that are accepted by each department's (division's) Evaluation Committee according to the current curriculums of the University. In this case, the number of credit hours transferred in cannot exceed the number of credit hours earned at previous schools.