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Student Activities

Student Activities

For a successful college life with many cultural experiences, students must work hard to acquire experiences, explore new knowledge and culture, and develop themselves.


Hankyong National University offers various student activities for a progressive and sound college life and collaboration with other students. Students nurture their qualities and abilities as democratic citizens through student activities.


Every April, every student at Hankyong National University gather for Freshment Welcoming Athletic Event to compete their 'strength' and 'energy.' Every September, Daedong Hanmadang Hanareum Festival is held along with club talent shows, special lectures, athletic events, Student Life Center Open House, and many other events.

Students take these opportunities to create and lead college culture.


Enrolled students with excellent results or students from remote regions can use the dormitory. Two facilities, Bibong Hall and Hoyeon Hall, can accommodate up to 600 students. Each dormitory has a reading room, computer room, study room, laundry room, washroom, restaurant, and a weights room.

Health Clinic

The Health Clinic offers programs such as the Smoking Clinic, Specialist Treatment Program, Weight Loss Program, and Health Examination Program, responds to medical emergencies and accidents and prevents diseases concerning students and school staff. Every Thursday, the clinic offers treatment by specialists for internal medicine, family medicine, neurology, general surgery, neurosurgery, and dentistry

Athletic Meets

The Athletic Meet is held in the 1st semester for students to compete with their strength and spirit. Teams are composed of representatives of each department, and students solidify their harmony through various sports, such as football, volleyball, ssireum (Korean wrestling), tug-of-war, women''s kickball, and foot volleyball.


Students can join various clubs. Student clubs, from the Travel Club to the Historical Remains Exploration Club, Volunteer Club, Sports Clubs for football, basketball, kendo, and tennis, religious clubs, and culture and art clubs, including the Theater Club, Music Club, Dance Club, Photography Club, Gag Club, and Rap Club, make campus life more exciting and meaningful.

Hankyong Festival

Every year, the university holds a school festival where students can express their individualities by operating booths that represent the characteristics of their departments. Through talent shows of departments and clubs and singing contests and other interesting events, students lend their charms and talents throughout the festival.

University Broadcasting Station - HBS

The University Broadcasting Station delivers news and announcements to students inside the school and brings a range of entertainment through the Annual Broadcasting Festival and Music Festival.

University Newspaper

The University Newspaper tells students about various events around the school and makes an effort to develop wholesome public opinions inside the school and provide sound information to students.

Public Relations Agents

The public relations agents selected in the beginning of the semester each year conduct high school visit tours, provide admission counseling, and participate in various events inside and outside the school to let others know about Hankyong National University.