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Department of Law

Department of Law

The Department of Law aims at cultivating talented people required in realizing the ideals of the democratic state, constitutional state. and welfare state, and is working hard to pioneer new fields that combine practical subjects and science and technology, in addition to subjects that cover basic laws, civil procedure codes,and constitutional procedure codes.We are consentrating all resources into enriching the education of law as the demand for people who have majored in law is increasing in many sections of society, such as among companies and public institutions.  

LocationT417, Human and Social Science Building


Introduction to Curricula

Students will be learning a variety of subjects, including constitutional law, criminal law, civil law, commercial law, administrative law, international law, and civil procedure codes in the basic course, and constitutional procedure codes, criminal procedure codes, civil law case studies, sociology of law, legal practices, tax law, cyber-crime, science and technology law case studies, and an introduction to medical law.

Beyond Graduation

Graduates can pursue careers in legal circles or become public officials through the higher civil service examination. Graduates can also find employment at ordinary companies or media companies that require legal knowledge.